Love ‘Star Wars’? Need a new Xbox 360? If you answered “yes” to both questions, then you might be interested in the Kinect ‘Star Wars’ Limited Edition Xbox 360 bundle, which can be preordered on Amazon for $449.00.

The package includes an Xbox 360 with a 320GB hard drive featuring a unique R2-D2 design, including a blue light and R2-D2 sounds; an all-white Kinect sensor; a gold C-3PO controller; and two Kinect games, Kinect ‘Star Wars’ and Kinect Adventures. Players jump and dodge through 20 adventures in Kinect Adventures, and Kinect ‘Star Wars’ allows you to use the Force, pilot ships, be a Pod Racer, and fight with a lightsaber.

With the largest hard drive available and the first ever white Kinect sensor, many will consider buying this bundle. If this bundle had come out last year, I would be all over it. However, I will wait until Microsoft’s E3 press conference, which is in early June, when the company is likely to announce the Xbox 720. The next-generation console is in the rumor stages right now, but the rumors are gaining momentum that the Xbox 720 will be released in 2013. Many are likely to pass on this bundle and wait for the new console.

The ‘Star Wars’ Kinect bundle can be preordered now and has a release date of April 3, 2012.

Here is an Inside Xbox video about the bundle: