“Hello, Sweetie!” Whether you love her or hate her, River Song may be making an appearance in the upcoming season of ‘Doctor Who.’

During the filming of this week’s ‘The Graham Norton Show,’ Alex Kingston was asked if she would be reprising her role as the sassy time travelling semi –companion of the good Doctor. “You may see her again,” she insinuates, “Who knows? Let’s just say, ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ and ‘Doctor Who’ don’t film at the same time,” referring to her stint as Dr Blanche Mottershead on the British show ‘Upstairs Downstairs.’

Kingston does know more than what she reveals as, in true River Song style, showrunner Steven Moffat had told her before filming started last season who her parents were and she kept it to herself during filming with the other cast members. “I knew… for the whole of the last series. (The other actors) didn’t know and they were constantly trying to get it out of me. They discovered it in that episode (‘A Good Man Goes to War’) when they read the scripts.”

When Moffat announced in December that Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill would be departing the show sometime in Season 7, he did add that he believed that River Song will return although he wasn’t sure if she would be involved in the exit storyline. Since then, he has been a little more forthcoming by saying, “I don’t imagine she’ll leave him alone now, not now she’s made an honest man of him,” referring to the episode ‘The Wedding of River Song.’

Season 7 of ‘Doctor Who’ begins filming sometime this month but we’ll have to wait until fall to see the new episodes.

In the meantime, you can catch Kingston’s appearance on ‘The Graham Norton Show’ when it airs in the UK on Friday at 10.35 PM on BBC One and Saturday at 10:15PM ET/PT on BBC America in the U.S. following ‘The Fades.’

Source: NME