CBS Films has debuted the new trailer for the movie ‘7500’ and it may make you think twice about flying. Directed by Takashi Shimizu (who also directed both ‘The Grudge’ movies), ‘7500’ is about a transpacific flight from LA to Tokyo that begins ordinary enough, but soon the passengers begin to encounter a supernatural force that begins to slay them off one by one in usual horror style manner. The movie is described as “a haunted house movie on an airplane.” At least in a haunted house you can run out the door, but on ‘7500’, there’s not much you can do when you’re trapped on a plane during flight.

‘7500’ stars Ryan Kwanten (‘True Blood’, ‘Summerland’) and Amy Smart (‘Shameless’, ‘The Butterfly Effect’) who play a “married couple who accompany their two longtime friends on a trip to Japan,” Leslie Bibb (‘Iron Man’, ‘Iron Man 2′) is the ‘flight attendant who is involved in a complicated and secret relationship, Jamie Chung (‘Sucker Punch’, ‘Samarai Girl’) who is a newly engaged flight attendant, Christian Serratos (‘The Twilight Saga’) who “boards the plane after sharing a secret with her boyfriend” and Scout Taylor Compton (‘Halloween’, ‘Halloween 2’) as someone who has ‘a unique perspective on death.”

The movie doesn’t open in theaters until August 31st – plenty of time to cancel your reservations without any penalties.

What do you think? Does the teaser make you still want to fly?

‘7500’ Movie Trailer: