Approaching its third episode, ‘The Fades’, a show about the supernatural and an apocalypse, is the latest show from across the pond. Even with only one episode in the books, we’ve been introduced to a myriad of characters. As it stands, it will be difficult to get a true gauge of all the characters, but there are always our first impressions…

Paul—(Ian De Caestecker)

One of the more atypical protagonists in television, Paul seems as if he has very little going for him. Here’s a high schooler that not only wets the bed on a consistent basis but has visions of the apocalypse dancing in his head. He’s socially awkward, pessimistic and quite uncomfortable with himself. His best friend, Mac, is the one person Paul seems to be able to be himself with. Couple his personal deficiencies with the terrifying visions and fears of inadequacy and his own sanity, has Paul being one to watch.

Mac—(Daniel Kaluuya)

Whereas Paul is introverted, Mac more than makes up for it with his extroverted exuberance. Never at a loss for words, Mac’s quick wit brings out something in Paul the latter tends not to show in the company of others. Just as much an outcast as Paul, Mac is one of those people who doesn’t really care what others think. He will be integral in Paul maintaining his sanity as things really hit the fan.

Neil—(Johnny Harris)

A hard man with a difficult job, Neil is an angelic; one of those few tasked to fight the fades. His fellow angelics in the fight are Helen and Sarah, both of whom tussle with the wraith-like creature that cost Neil his eye. Sarah eventually dies from her wounds while Helen’s fate has yet to be determined. When he discovers Paul, Neil looks to become his mentor, helping Paul with his visions and readying for the coming battle with the fades.

Helen—(Daniela Nardini)

Judging by her demeanor, Helen appears the de facto leader of the Angelics. Out of the three, so far she’s the only one to exhibit supernatural abilities when she unsuccessfully attempts to heal Neil’s eye. At the end of the first episode, she’s seen laying, beaten and bloodied from the wraith’s attack. It’s unknown whether she survived.

Sarah—(Natalie Dormer)

The first character introduced in ‘The Fades’, Sarah is an Angelic that works alongside Neil and Helen. Her visions of the apocalyptic future are integral in the fight against the fades. Her estranged husband Mark is Paul and Mac’s teacher but he is unaware of her darker life. Dying at the hands of the wraith, Sarah’s spirit is shown ready to move on before the light closes and she is left on earth, like so many other fades. The question remains though, will Sarah become vengeful against humanity like the other fades or will she continue to fight the good fight.

Jay—(Sophie Wu)

The object of Paul’s affection, Jay is friends with Paul’s sister Natalie. Though she hangs with the more popular crowd, Jay is one that is comfortable in both worlds. In fact, she has her own thing for Paul, a crush he’s somewhat oblivious to. It’s setting up where Jay will be just as important to Paul’s handling his new course as Neil and Mac.

Mark—(Tom Ellis)

Not much information is given on Mark. He is Sarah’s estranged husband who, while trying to move on, still has feelings for her. The small world that it is, he’s also Paul’s teacher and will no doubt play a part in the battle between good and evil.

Meg—(Claire Rushbrook)

Paul and Natalie’s mother; a kind woman whose task of raising two teenagers will only get more difficult as Paul continues to deal with his visions.

Anna—(Lily Loveless)

Paul’s sister, Natalie hangs with the popular crowd. Of a stereotypic ‘clueless’ nature, she’s self-centered, vapid and not too nice. At this time, there isn’t much one can say that’s good about her. Will that change and how will she fit in to the crazy new world of her brother?

There ya have it. There’s a whole season left of ‘The Fades’, so these particular impressions could flip 180 degrees as we gather a more accurate bead on the characters in this world. If you missed the first 2 episodes be sure to read our ‘The Fades: Series Premiere’ recap and ‘The Fades: Episode 2’ recap to catch up.

A new episode of ‘The Fades’ will air January 28th at 9/8c on BBC America.