‘Chronicles’ hasn’t even hit theaters yet but its scribe, Max Landis, is already becoming a hot commodity in Hollywood.  Variety has reported that Disney has bought a space adventure movie to be written by Landis.

Landis pitched the movie idea, which is described as “the emotional journey of a brother and sister as they undertake an epic adventure.” It’s been said that Disney has been searching for high-profile types of movies that could be used to cross over into other divisions of its business, so don’t be surprised if a ride for this untitled sci-fi adventure opens after the movie is released.

Chronicles’ is Landis’ first foray in features but it looks like his star is on the rise. He’s already working on a Frankenstein screenplay that has Shawn Levy (‘Real Steel’, ‘Night at the Museum’) at the helm, as well as a script based on the fairy tale ‘The Pied Piper’ which is said to be a fantasy thriller version of the story. Another one of his scripts, ‘Amnesty’, already has Ron Howard attached to it.

We’ll probably get a better idea of the type of screenwriter Landis is when ‘Chronicles’ comes out but it already looks like Hollywood has him pegged as the next big thing.