“And now for something completely different…” If those words brought a smile to your face then you undoubtedly are a fan of the Monty Python series! Fans have been waiting for a reunion of the comedy troupe for years, even hoping that they show up on stage sometime during the run of Eric Idle’s play ‘Spamalot.’ But wait no longer as The Wrap is reporting that the ol’ gang will be together again for a new sci-fi movie called ‘Absolutely Anything.’

‘Absolutely Anything’ will be a CGI and live-action film about a group of aliens who endow an earthling with the power to do “absolutely anything” to see what would happen. Unable to handle his newfound abilities and ignoring the advice from his talking dog named Dennis, chaos ensues.

“The film looks at the whole notion how funny unintended consequences can be,” says producer Chris Chesser, “It’s the whole thing about the genie granting three wishes.”

Terry Jones wrote the script with ‘The Mists of Avalon’ scribe Gavin Scott over the course of the last 20 years. He will also direct the film. John Cleese, Michael Palin and Terry Gilliam have all agreed to voice the aliens and possibly other roles in true Python style.  According to producer Mike Medevoy, Eric Idle is currently being persuaded to also star as well as Robin Williams who may voice Dennis the dog and the live-action role of a pompous Inspector Clouseau type of Frenchman.

Even though it looks like a reunion movie, Jones doesn’t think so. “It’s not a Python film,” he says, “but it does have that sensibility… It’s a different thing. It’s not really that we’re all getting back together.”

‘Absolutely Anything’  is expected to start filming in the UK sometime in the summer and has a budget of $15-$20 million.

The last time the members appeared together was in 1998 at the Aspen Comedy Festival. They allegedly brought with them an urn containing the ashes of the late Graham Chapman who passed away in 1989. In fact, the group is said to also be working on an animated version of Chapman’s autobiography, ‘A Liar’s Autobiography: The True Story of Monty Python’s Graham Chapman.’

The thought of a movie with the members of Monty Python and Robin Williams already has me smiling and looking forward to its release. Anyone else as excited as I am in anticipation?