Run For Your Lives is a 5k obstacle course run that made its inaugural debut last year in Darlington, right outside of Baltimore, Maryland. Runners went through 12 obstacles including mud pits, rope nets and forging a river. The catch? Don’t get eaten. There are zombie’s all over the course. You are given 3 flags (think of Capture the Flag from your school days) and if they are gone by the end of the race, you’re considered a zombie. You still complete the race, you’re just not eligible for awards. Only survivors win.

Its for a good cause as well. A portion of the profits go to The American Red Cross. So you’re not only running for your life, you’re running for others!

With over 10,000 runners in its first year, Run For Your Lives has expanded to 11 cities. Think you can survive through 3.1 miles of zombies and obstacles? Take a look at this video first.

If you’re up for the challenge, here is the cities and dates:

Atlanta – March 3rd
Boston- May 5th
Minneapolis- June 2nd
Indianapolis- June 23rd
Denver- July 14th
Seattle & Portland- August 4th
St. Louis- August 18th
Pittsburgh- September 1st
San Diego & Los Angeles-  October 20th
Baltimore- October 27th
Austin- December 15th

There is advertisement for more dates to come, so even if you don’t see your city listed it may be added at a later date! Register at Good luck!