LucasFilm Ltd., is going all out in its promotion of the release of ‘Star Wars: The Complete Saga’ on Blu-Ray. Not only are they co-hosting a Star Wars Night with the MLB and Miami Marlins, they have transformed London’s BT Tower into the World’s Largest Light Saber!

The ‘Star Wars’ compilation became available today in the U.S. but it has been out in the U.K since Monday. This past week, events celebrating the release have been occurring in London starting with Darth Vader and his Storm Troopers marching through the streets and greeting the crowd. The celebration culminated into a star-studded party last night at the top of the BT Tower, situated in the heart of London’s West End. Many celebrity fans and original cast members attended the event to witness a momentous occasion. At the appointed time, actor Anthony Daniels, C3PO himself, pushed the button that would transform the BT Tower into the world’s largest light saber.  Daniels stated, “London played such a huge part in all six Star Wars films, so it’s fitting that we’re all here today to transform the London skyline and send a message to galaxies far, far away.”

The beam of light measured 656 feet in to the air from the top of the 620 foot tower. More than 60 4,500W lights each standing about 4 feet high and weighing around 273 lbs. were used to produce the blue ray of light.

Thanks to Digital Spy, we are able to share what the London skies looked like last night. Wonder if they’d consider doing this at the Space Needle in Seattle?