Zack Snyder has always said his version of Superman will be about the superhero’s origins and part of that includes his teen years.  Although most of us know this story through the television series ‘Smallville’, Snyder has cast two young actors for the role of the young Clark Kent and the young Lana Lang.

Although rumored at first, it has now been confirmed that Jadin Gould has been cast as the 13 year old teen version of Lana Lang. Gould was last seen in the movie ‘Battle Los Angeles’ and has appeared in several television shows such as ‘The Forgotten’, ‘Chuck’, and ‘I, Carly.’ The casting was confirmed by Judy Landis from Landis – Simon Productions who informed The Superman Super Site that her client has indeed been signed on for the role.

As for who will play the teen version of Clark Kent, that role is still rumored to go to Dylan Sprayberry (‘Land of the Lost’, ‘Shuffle’). Once we know for certain who will actually get this role, we’ll let you know!