It was just almost 2 short weeks ago that the untitled ‘Star Trek’ sequel officially went into production. The movie is such a big part of Paramount’s 2013 movie season that they even sent out an official press release just to announce that! While most of the particulars are being kept under strict confidence, writer/producer Roberto Orci did disclose a few details about the movie on the site much to the delight of the readers.

Orci has been known to frequent the site and provide comments in response to the fans. This time, he commented on the differences between the sequel and the original 2009 film. First off, he told them that the budget of this film will be more than the first. Considering that the original had a budget of around $140-$145million, it sounds like the producers are planning something bigger and more impressive that what we’ve seen before. Considering how epic the last movie was, one can only wonder how they would go bigger.

It’s been reported that more sets have been built which will include areas of the Enterprise that were not seen in the 2009 film. One place where more money could have been spent may be in the look of the engine room. Many fans were a bit disappointed upon seeing the engine room in the first film which was reportedly shot in a Budweiser brewery. When asked what kinds of improvement the fans would see, Orci responded, “You’ll see more of it.”

It’s good to know that Paramount has a lot of faith in Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Damon Lindelof and J.J. Abrams and although they all have a good year and a half to tease us about the film’s details before the release, any news (even this little bit of info) is worthwhile.

So what do you think of the bigger and better untitled ‘Star Trek’ sequel so far?