Vin Diesel

More good news for ‘Riddick’ fans! Production is continuing to move forward quickly as we get a glimpse of Vin Diesel in costume on set from a photo he released through his Facebook account.

Nolan Funk

In other news, Variety has reported that Nolan Funk will be joining the cast of the upcoming film. If you are a fan of ‘Warehouse 13,’ then you may recognize Funk as Claudia’s boyfriend who had to leave because he was in the Witness Protection Program. Funk has also appeared in ‘Bereavement,’  ‘X2’ and just finished filming the TV movie ‘Intercept’ for the ABC Family channel.

Kate Sackhoff (‘Battlestar Galactica’, ‘The Bionic Woman’) and  Jordi Molla (‘Columbiana’, ‘Bunraku’) are currently in talks to also star in the still untitled ‘Chronicles of Riddick’ sequel with Molla pegged to play the primary bad guy against Diesel.

At the moment, nothing is known about the character that Funk will be playing and plot details are being kept under wraps. Hopefully when filming begins, we’ll get to know a little more.

In the meantime, here’s the synopsis that seems to be going around about the film:

“Betrayed by his own kind and left for dead on a desolate planet, Riddick (Diesel) fights for survival against alien predators and becomes more powerful and dangerous than ever before. Soon bounty hunters from throughout the galaxy descend on Riddick only to find themselves pawns in his greater scheme for revenge. With his enemies right where he wants them, Riddick unleashes a vicious attack of vengeance before returning to his home planet of Furya to save it from destruction.”