About a month ago we reported that the new Jason Patric show ‘Powers’ was undergoing a retooling. Apparently the executives over at FX weren’t too impressed by what they saw in the pilot and decided to place the show on hold while they decide what changes to make thereby delaying a winter premiere. Now it looks like the show may be in a perpetual limbo.

According to FX president and GM John Landgraf, part of the retooling of the pilot involved doing a “fairly substantial rewrite that would require pretty extensive reshoots of the pilot. Right now we’re in the process of deciding whether to pull the trigger on the reshoot.’

‘Powers’ is a project close to Landgraf’s heart as he is a fan of the comic series created by Brian Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming. He admits that this adaptation is a difficult and challenging one to bring to the small screen:

“When you think about a 10 o’clock drama, like The Sopranos, or any sort of serious drama, there’s never been either a theatrical feature film or a television series that’s taken the superhero genre into that type of tonality. It’s never been done, and it’s just really a struggle. But, until ‘Game of Thrones’, I don’t think anybody had ever taken the fantasy genre into a 10 o’clock drama territory either. I have enormous respect for HBO, and for David Benioff and everybody who was involved in that show because they managed to pull it off. So, it can be done. It’s just proving really difficult.”

Bendis continues to be optimistic even tweeting to his fans not to lose hope:

A decision as to whether or not Powers will undergo a reshoot and go beyond just having a pilot made should be determined within the next couple months. Keep your fingers crossed as this show sounded like it had great potential.

Source: THR