Maybe it was a good thing that the much talked about ‘Wonder Woman’ pilot never aired, because if it did, we may be seeing someone other than Adrianne Palicki in the role of impersonator/weapons specialist Lady Jaye. In an interview with MTV, Palicki talked about her experiences on the set of the all-boys club of Team Joe and talked about how she liked G. I. Joe when she was younger.

The most voluptuous of the team members, Palicki tells MTV that she was very happy to hear the positive response to the ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’ trailer. Making a reboot of a popular series brings about its own kind of stress and the fact that fans can’t wait for its release next month is a “pleasant surprise.”

“It’s scary going into the shoes that have already been worn. We wanted to do something really unique and special. With such an amazing group of talented actors, you don’t want it to fall flat. How many people reached out, it’s unbelievable to hear the comments that they’re so excited, that the trailer is better than the first movie was. Just really cool reactions that you’re going, “OK, hopefully we don’t let you down.” I really don’t think we will. I think it’s going to be a really fun ride for everybody.

Working with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Bruce Willis wasn’t too bad either.

“Dwayne is like a teddy bear. I know his fans probably don’t want to hear that. He might be one of the nicest people on the planet, genuinely. Very caring and very giving. Bruce is a kick in the pants. We get along really well, but he definitely came in during the middle of shooting for a week, added some flavor and left. But he was really fun to work with. I really enjoyed him.”

Palicki admitted to being a big fan of the ‘G.I. Joe’ comic books when she was younger, thanks to her older brother who got her into them. Her favorite character, however, wasn’t Lady Jaye but Jinx! Palicki wanted to be a ninja but getting the role of Lady Jaye in this movie instead wasn’t a disappointment:

“Lady Jaye’s a badass. I couldn’t really be disappointed with Lady Jaye. She’s the one chick in the boys club. She can hold her own. She doesn’t get the staff, but she is a weapons specialist. She has that going for her.”

All in all, Palicki had a great time shooting ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’ and attributes part of that to director Jon Chu:

“Oh my God, it was a blast. Jon Chu, he’s this genius. The thing that’s so special about him is that he might be the biggest G.I. Joe fan on the planet, so that really came in our favor. He’s young and interesting and full of ambition. We really did things that were super exciting and super scary, and I really feel everything’s going to come out really, really well.”

I love seeing strong female roles in movies and Lady Jaye is undeniably up there! Although I’ll certainly go see the movie for Dwayne Johnson (yes, I went there), I’ll probably sit through it wishing I were Lady Jaye. After all, the only female surrounded by men in uniform AND she gets to wield cool weapons? Enough said!

You can read the rest of the interview over at MTV and see Palicki in action in the ’G.I. Joe: Retaliation’ trailer here.

Directed by Jon Chu, ‘GI Joe 2: Retaliation’ hits theaters on June 29, 2012 and stars Channing Tatum, Ray Park, Byung-Hun Lee, Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Adrianne Palicki, RZA and Joe Mazello.