Yep. That looks like the face of the apocalypse to me.

Maybe this is what the Mayan prophecies were talking about when they said that a terrible Apocalypse was coming in 2012. Seth Rogan (‘Green Hornet’, ‘Knocked Up’) is making the jump from acting to directing with Sony Pictures apocalypse comedy titled… wait for it… ‘The Apocalypse’. Rogan has paired off with Evan Goldberg for the script. Rogan and Goldberg have been frequent writing collaborators working on the films ‘Superbad’, ‘Pineapple Express’, the aforementioned ‘Green Hornet’, and most recently on the less-stupid ‘50/50’ which starred Rogan with J. Gordon-Levitt (‘Inception’).

‘The Apocalypse’ is being distributed by Sony Pictures and is set to star Rogen, Jay Baruchel, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, and Craig Robinson. The actors will be playing themselves. The plot (based on a short film titled ‘Seth vs. The Apocalypse’) revolves around the gang being trapped in Franco’s apartment when the apocalypse hits. It’s pretty much the same group of actors that end up in all of these “comedies” together. Rogan and Goldberg also promise to toss in as many cameos as they can.

Apparently, there were several companies competing to release the film and cash in on the obvious 2012 apocalypse theme, but it seems Sony won out in the end and is now in final negotiations. So, unless some great catastrophe strikes (we can only hope), it’s a done deal. ‘The Apocalypse’ is allegedly working on a budget of $30-40 million, and is expected to go into production this spring.

So, ‘The Apocalypse’ really is hitting this year… and for the first time, I’m actually frightened.