Back when ‘The Force Awakens’ was first released on Blu-Ray, we all knew there was going to be a much better version released before the year was out, filled with more bonus features including more deleted scenes, featurettes, documentaries, and of course, commentaries, including an important one by the director himself, JJ Abrams. Now, finally on November 15th we are going to be getting that Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray, and I cannot wait to check out everything that it will provide, especially that commentary. The new Blu-ray Special Features include:

  • A look at how sound technicians blend action with audio effects in the featurette Foley: A Sonic Tale.
  • Sounds of the Resistance, another audio themed doc showing how the sound designers blended real recordings into otherworldly effects in the film.
  • Deleted Scenes – While there were a handful of deleted footage on the original Blu-ray, this one promises even more “never-before-shared” scenes.
  • Dressing the Galaxy – A look at how wardrobe designs from the original trilogy were retooled by costume designer Michael Kaplan to fit the galaxy three decades later.
  • Daisy Ridley and John Boyega share a conversation in The Scavenger and the Stormtrooper, a featurette that was released only on the previous disc as an exclusive at Target stores.
  • Inside the Armory – A tour of the various weapons and battle gear in the battle between the Resistance and The First Order.

Most intriguing is the commentary, where we can hopefully expect Abrams to shed light on some aspects of the film that we have been left with many questions and interpretations, and maybe he will even drop hints about where the franchise is going in ‘Episode 8’ and what happened between ‘Return of the Jedi’ and ‘The Force Awakens.” One scene in particular that we have been treated with (video below) is the one between Han Solo and Kyle Ren where (SPOILERS AHEAD) Ren kills Han Solo. It is the scene where fans have been wondering for close to a year now whether the villain always meant to kill his father, and what exactly was going through his head in those fateful moments on the catwalk. In the commentary, Abrams states that:

“People have asked me if I think Kylo Ren was just playing with him the whole time, if he meant to kill him from the beginning. And the truth is, I think Kylo Ren in this moment is actually being convinced to walk away from this. Snoke is, as Han says, using him, and I think that somewhere Ben knows this. But I think that he can’t accept it. Deep down he has gone too far.”

Do you think Abrams is being coy? Is he not telling us the whole story so he does not give away the secrets of the trilogy? Do you think there is still hope for Kylo Ren? Check out the small clip with the commentary below (courtesy of USA Today), and then feel free to share your own and thought on the matter in the comments below.