The two biggest teams in Marveldom face off in April

Despite some cross pollination among the members, Marvel’s premier super teams will be clashing in the next big crossover. ‘Avengers vs. X-Men’ starts this April. Some comic readers will remember launch parties for DC’s big event ‘Flashpoint’ last year, now it’s Marvel’s turn to push the party at retailers across the nation. reports that comic shops will be asked to choose a side. The cache of promotional goodies that the shopkeepers receive to put up and pass out will depend on whether they sign up with Cylops or Cap. Those promotional materials will come in handy for the launch parties which start on Tuesday, April 3 at 8pm local, just hours before the first issue goes on sale at midnight.

Parties like these have been successful in recent years with the aforementioned ‘Flashpoint,’ the final ‘Scott Pilgrim’ volume and the release of ‘Justice League’ issue #1 this last Fall. Retailers, who face increasing pressure (including Marvel going same-day-digital in the near future) should welcome the chance to make readers part of their community.

The series itself will surely grab the attention of Marvel zombies everywhere. Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso described AvX on

AVENGERS VS X-MEN brings together the most powerful forces in comics for a super hero war like you’ve never seen before and will never see again. We all want to see the best of the best go against each other—Lakers & Celtics; Ali & Frazier; Yankees & Red Sox; and in comics it’s the Avengers fighting the X-Men, ” said Axel Alonso, Editor in Chief, Marvel Entertainment. “We’ve brought together the biggest writers, biggest artists and biggest characters for the biggest story we’ve ever told. This is the kind of high-octane action-packed story that fans demand while also having a profound effect on every character involved—and reshaping the Marvel Universe in its wake.

Here’s the full list of goodies per Marvel:

All retailers who opt into the parties & choose a team will receive the following as part of the Avengers VS X-Men Party Kit:

• Avengers VS X-Men Program, a free comic previewing the upcoming event

• Avengers VS X-Men Postcards

• Avengers VS X-Men Customizable Flyer

• Avengers VS X-Men Customizable Press Release

• Avengers VS X-Men Backlist Sales

• Avengers VS X-Men mini posters

• Avengers VS X-Men promo items

• AVENGERS VS X-MEN #1 Advance Screening Copy, delivered to retailers in late March 2012

• Avengers VS X-Men Party Lithographs

• Mass media promotion around the launch of AvX and the associated parties

• Promotion of parties to Marvel fan base via, Twitter and Facebook

• An additional discount on the Road to Avengers VS X-Men Trade Paperback

And these same retailers will receive complimentary team specific versions—based on their allegiance—of the following:

• Exclusive AVENGERS VS X-MEN #1 Spotlight Variant specific to the team supported by the store

• Free Avengers VS X-Men mini-posters showing store allegiance

• Free Avengers VS X-Men Party Tickets

• Free Avengers or X-Men Team Pins

• Free Avengers VS X-Men in-store signage and shelf-talkers

Retailers, please check the Marvel Mailer or Diamond Daily for regular updates about the Avengers VS X-Men Launch Parties.

So what do you guys think? Are you excited for ‘Avengers Vs. X-Men’?