Hero Complex reports that the Whit Anderson script for the ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ film has been completely rejected. Anderson’s script had some interesting ideas, but her final product did not have enough material to make a complete film. Instead of letting her revise her script, the people behind the project have decided to find someone new.

This is common in Hollywood. Writers are routinely brought in on a project, submit a draft, and are unceremoniously fired. A new writer comes in, might work with the previous draft, or might come up with something new. Once executives are happy, the writer left standing gets the credit. However, if a studio does not think the project is viable, this is the stage when most films are killed. The studio behind the new ‘Buffy’ film is Warner Bros. Since there is no director and now no script, Warner Bros. might take this time to either put the project on the backburner or scrap the project completely. The studio is not heavily invested in the ‘Buffy’ film, so if Warner Bros. pulls the plug now, the studio would not be out a lot of money.

The new ‘Buffy’ film was announced last November. Most fans were irate because this new film does not have Joss Whedon, the mind behind the original film and the beloved TV show, involved. Many feel that only Whedon can do the project justice. No Joss Whedon means no fan support. Without support from the fans, interest in the new ‘Buffy’ film has waned. If Warner Bros. is serious about a new ‘Buffy’ film, then the studio needs to bring in Whedon. I am not sure anyone else could bring a new ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ to the screen and get people excited to see a third version of this story.

I have no interest in a new ‘Buffy’ unless Whedon is behind the project. What about you?