Not too long ago we reported that Brendan Meyer will be playing the role of Stilson in the Orson Scott Card’s film adaptation of his novel ‘Ender’s Game.’ Well, it looks like the casting process is now on lock as it has now been confirmed that Harrison Ford, among others, will also be appearing in the film.

When last reported, Ford was still in negotiations along with some other actors to appear in the film. Now, according to Variety, casting for the main roles has been completed and production should be on schedule to start next year.

Ford will be playing Colonel Hyram Graff who is in charge of training the new recruits and preparing them for interstellar battle. Here’s a list of the other actors that have been signed on to appear along with the roles they will be playing:

Asa Butterfield (‘Hugo’):


as Ender Wiggin



Hailee Steinfeld (‘True Grit’):


as Petra Arkanian



 Abigail Breslin (‘New Year’s Eve’, ‘Zombieland’):


as Valentine Wiggin



 Aramis Knight (‘Rendition’):


as Bean, the smallest new recruit



Moises Arias (‘Hannah Montana’):


as Bonzo, commander of the Salamander Army



Jimmy Pinchak (‘Let Me In’, ‘Polar Express’):


as Peter, Ender’s older brother



Conor Carroll (‘Away We Go’):


as Bernard, someone who bullies Ender



Kyhlin Rhambo (‘Criminal Minds’):


as Dink, a brainy member of the Rat Army



Suraj Parthasarathy:


Alai, the first to befriend Ender



Brendan Meyer (‘Tooth Fairy’, ‘Mr. Young’):


as Stilson



As of yet, there has been no official word if Sir Ben Kingsley will be in the movie to play Mazer Rackham and his status is still considered under negotiations. So what do you think of the cast so far?

‘Enders Game’ will begin production in New Orleans sometime in the early part of next year with a March 15, 2013 release date.