The on-again, off-again development of the sequel to 2013’s monster vs. mech action flick ‘Pacific Rim‘ may have just received some encouraging news. Director and Twitter newb Guillermo Del Toro posted that he had lunch with Maisie Williams who is best known for her role as Arya Stark on ‘Game of Thrones’. It’s not clear if the lunch set up specifically for the next ‘Pacific Rim’ or some other project like Toro’s next indie film, but it was a giant robotic suit that was referenced in the tweet.

If Williams trades in the Needle, her sword of choice in ‘Game of Thrones,’ for a Jaeger, it would be a great fit. Her flavor of warrior would be an interesting parallel to Rinko Kikuchi’s lead character, Mako Mori. I’d love to see those two as co-pilots, but it’s far too early to speculate on the plot of a film that may not see the light of day. It’s also possible that Toro’s and Williams’ lunch was just a general meeting to talk about…general things. These happen to test the chemistry of professional for future projects.

Whether she heads into a Jaeger or not, Williams will likely have plenty of options open to her when she leaves ‘Game of Thrones’, which, being a Stark, could happen any episode now. She already has three films in various stages of production and a presence of ‘Doctor Who.’