‘Fringe’ fans knew this day would come but, to have the show runner announce the air date of the final episode feels like the last nail in the coffin.

Three weeks before the premiere of ‘Fringe,’ executive producer and show runner, J.H. Wyman, tweeted to a fan that the series’ finale episode, which was written and directed by the man himself, would air on Friday, Feb.1st:

Now before everyone circles that date on their calendar, just know that Fox has yet to confirm this date. The last official word on the subject came back in July from Fox Entertainment President, Kevin Reilly, who stated, “There’s probably going to be a few interruptions, but not many.  Just the holidays. [The series] will end in January.”

The fifth and final season takes place in 2036 where the Observers have already enslaved humanity. If you’ve been wondering how much control the Observers have on our dystopian world, you only have to watch the Observers’ PSA below.

Whether the series ends in January or February, it’s still too soon for those who’ve been with the ‘Fringe’ team from the beginning.

Get ready as the beginning of the end will commence when ‘Fringe’ returns on FOX on Friday, September 28th at 9PM ET/PT.

‘Fringe’ – Observers’ PSA:

Source: Screen Rant