Ever since the viral marketing for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ started yesterday, social media outlets and the internet have been in a tither! Yesterday a mysterious document identified that the CIA has given a green light to something called “Operation Early Bird”. When people went to the website, all that was seen was a countdown clock. Now the mystery is revealed!

If you haven’t gone to the site yet, better go there quick! ‘Operation Early Bird’ is up and running and it is offering tickets for a special advance screening to see the IMAX prologue for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ on Tuesday, December 13 at 10 pm (in the UK the screening is on December 14 at 8pm). The tickets are through GoFo and right now they are slammed so it may take awhile for the site to load and for you to get through.

The prologue that will be shown is the same six minute prologue that will appear before ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’ so if you weren’t planning on watching Tom Cruise, this is a way to see that trailer without having to sit through a movie you don’t want to watch. Director Christopher Nolan has already screened this prologue for reporters and now’s your change to see it before it officially debuts in IMAX theaters on December 16th.

Instead of waiting to give you the details (as I’m yelling at my computer for the page to load) I wanted to let you know to check the site now and try to get tickets. If you are successful, let us know in the comments!