Things continue to look dire for Justice League International, as villain Peraxxus reveals himself and his master plan, to destroy the Earth and plunder it for its natural resources.  The human race is inconsequential to him, as they are “far too weak to be utilized as slaves.”  After listening to him rattle on, Ice and Godiva work together to free the heroes and they attack, but Peraxxis is too powerful and still employs his army of tiny stone creatures, so one by one, he strikes the heroes down.  Then the Signal Men energize and begin the process of breaking down the Earth to be strip mined!

Even with Batman on their side, this seems to be one of the most ineffectual super teams I have ever seen!  I get that that’s kind of the point, but we’re four issues in and in every issue so far, they’ve been knocked on their asses.  I really have no clue how these guys are going to get it together and save the day.  I will say, it was nice that Godiva, who has the silliest power, long prehensile hair, got to do something of value this issue, at least partially justifying her presence on the team.  But none of the heroes, not even the powerhouses like August General In Iron and Green Lantern (Guy Gardner) pose even the most minimal of threats to Peraxxis.

Aaron Lopresti continues to impress with his artwork.  It’s just good clean, solid super hero art and it works great here.  He just does everything right!  His storytelling, proportion– it all looks good!  His facial expressions are wonderful!  His characters are so expressive and emotive!

Story-wise, this was a brisk read.  This tale is starting to drag, though.  I’m ready for it to be over, but I doubt the team is going to rally and wind it all up next issue, so I expect this to go on at least two more installments if not more.  But it’s an important chapter as Peraxxis’ goal is revealed.  It’s not a very clever plot, however.  He just wants to destroy the Earth for its resources.  A bit too one-note, I’m afraid.  His design and that of the Signal Men are very Kirby, so I was hoping for something that tied into the New Gods somehow.  Did we really need a new cosmic baddie like Peraxxis?  Weren’t there at least a handful of existing uber-powerful space villains already in existence that they could have employed?

It’s certainly not a bad book.  The characterizations and art are all top notch!  But the plot is very pedestrian.  It’s a fun super hero team book, but that’s about it.  Enjoyable, but not required reading.

Verdict: Borrow

Written by Dan Jurgens
Art by Aaron Lopresti
Cover by David Finch