From all appearances, DC’s New 52 relaunch has been doing quite well. Sure, there are a few stinker titles (like ‘Men of War’ and ‘OMAC’) but the headliner titles have been selling like hot cakes. We previously announced that all 52 #1 issues had sold out and many had already had multiple printings.

Today, the official DC Source blog reported that ‘Justice League’ #1 is the first of the New 52 comics to go into a fifth print. The latest print of the landmark issue, from creators Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, will release on January 4, 2012. The new cover for the combo pack edition (seen to the left) features Aquaman, although he doesn’t actually appear in the issue.

A fifth printing three months after the initial release is a bold move on the part of DC since one would think that fans would just wait for the inevitable trade paperback collection of the first story arc. But, if you’re one of the readers that missed out on the first four prints, now is your chance! Mark your calendars for January 4th and get ready to join the ‘Justice League’ adventure!