After the super villain group (if you can call a bunch of clones of the same man a real group) Mob Rule released an EMP blast that knocked out all power and electronics in Central City, the Flash is running to save lives and help as many people as he can. In the process, readers get a good rundown of some of the Flash’s other abilities. Last issue, Barry (Flash) found out that he his super speed allowed him to think super fast as well as being able to run and move the same way. This issue, new readers are introduced to some classic flash moves: vibrating through solid objects, creating vortexes by spinning his arms, and running on water. In the first few pages, the Flash uses one of these abilities in a way that will leave even long-time fans with slack jaws. It’s amazing!

While Flash is trying to fix his city, Mob Rule is trying to replace the scientist that they killed. Their discussions hint at a Blade Runner-esque plot in that the clones seem to have a limited time to live and they are trying to find a cure for their condition. As Mob Rule’s plot thickens, we’re introduced to a couple of more classic Flash villains with some cut scenes involving the Rogues. Can anyone say foreshadowing?

Now that the chaos in the city is mostly under control, the Flash, in his secret identity as Barry Allen, is working on trying to track down his friend Manuel who is linked to Mob Rule, being as he’s the person that all the clones look like. When Barry and his partner, Patty, finally catch up to Manuel and Mob Rule, it’s up to Barry’s newfound quick-thinking powers to find a way to take them all down without getting anyone killed. When the final page rolls around, my jaw went as slack as it did in that epic opening scene… what a great read!

Francis Manapul is rapidly becoming my favorite artist of the New 52. Off all the titles that I read, ‘The Flash’ is hands down the most beautiful to look at. Being that he’s pulling double-duty on pencils and co-writing, Manapul manages to write a story and scenes that are the perfect compliment to his art. The end result is a series of comic pages that would look wonderful framed on someone’s wall. And Manapul doesn’t just do that with a page or two. The whole issue is one great piece of art after the next!

With great art and a story that’s just pure sci-fi and superhero fun, the end result of this issue of ‘The Flash, as with the first two, is…

Verdict: Buy

Art and Cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL