Winter is coming, and that can only mean that it is time for some major Game of Thrones updates! With the highly anticipated Season 2 premiering this April, a lot of new casting has appeared and from that, fans have been starting to formulate where the story will head. Do you have an idea where the story is going with these casting announcements?

Gwendoline Christie as Brienne of Tarth. You may recognize Gwendoline from the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Her character Brienne, is the only heiress to Lord Selwyn Tarth of Evenfall Hall. She is honest, stubborn, a skilled fighter and dreams of becoming a knight.

Liam Cunningham as Ser Davos Seaworth. Liam is most recently known for his character Connolly in the television series ‘Strike Back’. His character, Davos, was commonly known as The Onion Knight. He was once a smuggler, but became a landed knight to Stannis Baratheon, whom he is very loyal to.

Stephen Dillane as Stannis Baratheon. Stephen has a history of armor, as he played Merlin in ‘King Arthur’. His character Stannis has been trying to get the council’s support for him as the rightful heir to throne at King’s Landing after the death of his brother Robert.

Natalie Dormer as Lady Margaery Tyrell. Natalie was recently seen in Captain America as Private Lorraine. Lady Margaery is a 16 year old and is known for being quite intelligent, but shrewd.

Carice van Houten as Melisandre of Asshai. Carice has played numerous roles, including Susanna in the movie ‘Intruders’. Melisandre is a prophetic priestess of R’hllor in service to Stannis Baratheon. She continually counsels him, because she believes he should be the one in power.

Gemma Whelan as Yara Greyjoy. Yara’s name was changed from Asha (which she is known as in the novels) to avoid confusion with another similar character name, the wilding Osha. Gemma has been seen in ‘The Wolfman’. Yara is the fierce and proud daughter of Balon Greyjoy, and the commander of the ship The Black Wind.

Nonso Anozie as Xaro Xhoan Daxos. You’ll probably recognize Nonso from the recent ‘Conan the Barbarian’ film. Xaro Xhoan Daxos is a one of the Thirteen, and the Merchant Prince of Qarth

Tom Wlaschiha as Jaqen H’ghar. Tom is an actor from the TV mini-series ‘The Deep’. Jaqen H’ghar is an assassin with magical abilities and is known as The Faceless Man of Braavos.

Michael McElhatton as Roose Bolton. Michael has recently been seen playing James Clarke in ‘Death of a Superhero’. Roose Bolton is known as the Leech Lord, a soft spoken, mild mannered, cruel and cold Lord of the Dreadfort.

Patrick Malahide as Balon Greyjoy. Patrick comes to ‘Game of Thrones’ after playing Robert Ridley in ‘Law and Order: UK’. Balon Greyjoy is a twice proclaimed King and Lord of the Iron Islands and Captain of The Great Kraken.

Rose Leslie as Ygritte. Rose comes from the British show ‘Downton Abbey’. Ygritte is a Wildling woman with her lucky red hair that has been “kissed by fire.”

Ralph Ineson as Dagmer Cleftjaw. Ralph has been seen in the ‘Harry Potter’ movies.  Dagmer is the Captain of the longship Foamdrinker.

Anthony Morris as Tickler. Anthony is known for his guest appearances on various TV shows, including ‘Family Guy’. Tickler received his name from the way he tortures people, and is also the sworn man of arms to Ser Gregor Clegane.

Simon Armstrong as Qhorin, also known as “Halfhand”. Simon was recently seen playing Gowling in the film ‘Killer Elite’. Qhorin is known as Halfhand because he lost all of his fingers on his right hand except for the forefinger and thumb to a Wildling axe. He is a ranger of the Night’s Watch.

Edward Dogliani as Rattleshirt (with his crew being played by Viking Reenactment group Rimmugygur). Edward is making his debut in Game of Thrones. Rattleshirt is also known as the Lord of Bones, and is a Wildling Leader.

There have been several other cast members added, included John Stahl as Rickard Karstark, Nicholas Blane as the Spice King, and Tony Way as Dontos Hollard. The cast list has grown quite a bit, and fans have already started formulating what stories from the novels will be told.

Yesterday, a production video from HBO was released as well, making the excitement even greater!

What are you looking forward to in Season 2? Are you pleased with the casting choices, or would you have chosen other actors?