Fans of the show ‘Grimm’ can keep their fairy tale books out as NBC has officially announced a full season order for the show.

Just days ago, NBC announced its midseason schedule which included ordering 2 additional episodes of the show while shelving the comedy series ‘Community’ (much to the dismay of its fans). Now with the results of last Friday’s ratings, executives have confidence in ‘Grimm’ to continue for the rest of the season. Regarding their decision, NBC Entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt has said that ‘Grimm’ is “turning the traditional procedural drama on its head and is attracting a loyal following for us on Friday nights. We love where it’s going creatively and we’re excited to deliver more episodes to our audience.”

With the heavily laden Friday 9pm slot for sci-fi shows (‘Supernatural’ on CW and ‘Fringe’ on FOX), NBC is going to see how ‘Grimm’ would fair in another time slot and will air a new episode on Thursday, December 8 at 10pm pre-empting the show ‘Prime Suspect’ which has shut down production due to low ratings and not expected to finish out the season. The network will also air another original episode in the show’s normal time slot on Friday, December 9.

‘Grimm’ has been beating ‘Fringe’ in the Friday night slot and has given the network a 50 percent increase in viewers compared to last year. With the try out on Thursday nights, executives hope to open the show to more people.

All this is good news for the executive producers of the show David Greenwalt (‘Buffy’ and ‘Angel’), Jim Kouf (‘Angel’, ‘The Ghost Whisperer’), and Sean Haynes (Jack from ‘Will and Grace’). As Greenwalt has said about the show when it was announced it would be up against the other established sci-fi shows, “We think there’s plenty of room for everybody and if we just make a great show, that they will come.”

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‘Grimm’ airs Friday on NBC at 9pm and stars David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, Silas Weir Mitchell, Sasha Roiz and Reggie Lee.