During a press junket for ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Pt 1’, I Am Rogue was able to catch up with screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg and ask her some questions about the pilot for the ABC series ‘AKA Jessica Jones’ that she has been signed to write and executive produce.

It’s been awhile since Marvel has had a small screen hit, but if all goes well, ‘AKA Jessica Jones’ could hit the airways soon. The series is based on the Brian Michael Bendis comic ‘Alias’ which tells the story of Jessica Jones (“aka Jewel”), a former superhero who gave up costumed crime fighting to become a private detective. The difference between the comic hero and the television one will be that the latter ‘Jessica Jones’ will also have to deal with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome as she deals with “her damaged past while still trying to contribute something to the world.” For obvious reasons, the series won’t have the same title as the comic as the name has already become associated with the J.J. Abrams spy series starring Jessica Garner.

What other similarities can the audience expect? Presently in the comic series, Jessica is married to hero for hire bad boy Luke Cage and together they have a baby. In the series, Rosenberg states that Cage will be in the live version but as for their baby, not now but maybe “way down the road.”  As she explained, “When you give your superheroes babies it gets very complicated.”

Rosenberg was approached by ABC to do the project. She was given a copy of the comic ‘Alias’ for her to read. Before then, Rosenberg was a comic noob.  “Brian Michael Bendis is such an amazing storyteller,” she says in her interview, “I read that comic book and I completely saw it on screen. There are things I took directly from the comic book and just put in the script. That was so much fun to do… I love this character. This is an incredibly damaged, dark, complex female character that kicks ass. That’s my favorite thing about it.”

Rosenberg states that the pilot is still “sitting at ABC” but hopes that it will be aired by next season.