Max Borenstein

Legendary Pictures’ new ‘Godzilla’ movie has just had yet another shakeup. It seems that writer David Goyer (‘The Dark Knight’) has been dropped from the production. There is no word as to why Goyer is leaving ‘Godzilla’ behind.

The replacement writer brought in to pen the script is Max Borenstein. Don’t know the name? That’s because Borenstein is a relatively newcomer to the big movie business. His past writing credits only include his own indie ‘Swordswallowers and Thin Men’ (which he also directed) and Legendary’s upcoming supernatural ‘The Seventh Son’. He also just penned a script for the Zac Effron produced ‘Art of the Steal’.

Personally, I like that Legendary is bringing on a lesser known to pen the ‘Godzilla’ script. Goyer is great a character-driven drama writer, but I don’t think that his style is a good fit for the Big-G. Some new blood might be what this thing needs to make it as epic as it needs to be.

In addition to Borenstein on writing, the new ‘Godzilla’ which is tentatively set to release in 2014 will be directed by Gareth Edwards of ‘Monsters’ fame.

Excited? Check out some of the potential designs for the new Godzilla and then comment below to let us know your thoughts on America’s latest attempt to bring Godzilla stateside.