The latest ‘The Flash’ featurette gives us our first real look at Iris West (Candice Patton) as she and Barry (Grant Gustin) discuss relationship woes.  The problem is that Iris is oblivious to the fact that Barry, who grew up in the same household with her, has developed stronger romantic feelings.  Patton actually narrates the clip and gives some insight into their slightly brother and sister, but not brother and sister situation.  Poor Barry can’t seem to catch a break romantically.  His relationship with Felicity on ‘Arrow’ was fleeting and by the end of the season, it was clear that Felicity was still secretly in love with Oliver.

You can watch poor Barry get shot down below:

Obviously, you can’t make it too easy for your heroes romantically or else there would be no story there.  Look for this cat & mouse game to play out over several season, a la Ollie and Laurel’s predicament.

Speaking of Ollie, ‘Arrow’ lead Stephen Amell will pop up on ‘The Flash’ to play off the two shows’ continuity.  The frequently shirtless actor who is seen visibly working to maintain that physique onscreen must have one of the most grueling workout regimens of any actor on TV and he clearly works to maintain that fighting form in between seasons.  Below you can see Amell filming an ‘American Ninja Warrior’-worthy workout… with mixed results.

In the first video, he can’t quite manage to accomplish a particular maneuver:

He more than makes up for it in the second clip though, making this complicated work out look easy… well, not really, but he does what he sets out to do:

What do you think?  Could you handle the Stephen Amell Superhero Workout?

Once ‘Arrow’ returns and ‘The Flash’ debuts, which show do you think you’ll enjoy more?  Will the spin-off rival or even outpace the original?  Or will you be loyal to both?

‘The Flash’ will air Tuesdays at 8pm with ‘Arrow’ at its usual time slot on Wednesdays at 8pm on the CW.

Source: Cinema Blend