This week’s episode opens with our heroes speeding through the desert in the Thunder Tank toward the first stone they need to help save Thundera. Tygra challenges Lion-O to a race to see who can get to the stone first, but Panthro bows out because he’s “not racing.” Tygra and Lion-O zoom off in a pair of motorcycles that shoot from the tank’s claws. Cheetara mocks Panthro for not participating in the race, and then leaps down and runs at the same speed as the motorcycles.

The Cats track the stone to the Elephant Village, but the horribly forgetful Elephants can’t remember where it is. None of the Elephants remember anything, even though the elder — Arnel — confirms that yes there was a stone there at one time. It’s kind of a theme that the Elephants forget everything, although they do acknowledge this. Arnel suggests Lion-O use the Sword of Omens to find the stone, and takes him aside to teach him “sight beyond sight.”

We get a cool little animation of the sight beyond sight, right before Lion-O’s concentration is broken and the Wraiths (giant bees) come from the hills to steal the harvest the Elephants have just brought in. The ThunderCats go all out attacking the Wraiths while the Elephants spent their time sitting and meditating instead. Lion-O is shocked the Elephants don’t do anything, but Arnel tells him that suffering must occur in life, a very Hindu sentiment, and the fearless cat vows to do something about the Wraiths. Snarf meanwhile discovers a strange hut that some of the Elephants go into, and when the door closes before he can get in he’s suitably confused.

We’re then treated to a musical interlude where Wilykat, Wilykit, and one of the Elephants play harmony on the instrumental song we’ve been hearing for a few episodes now. The Elephants’ song when combined with Wilykit’s musical, ends up shattering a few boulders after being in perfect harmony. The number of times they’ve mentioned harmony in this episode I’m beginning to sense a theme.

Lion-O meanwhile is scaling the mountain to the Wraith lair when he’s attacked by the flying creatures and forced off the mountain. Why do I get the feeling that Lion-O’s rashness is going to be the lesson? … Again?

Lion-O saves himself with his Extend-O-Claw and while hanging in midair chops up the Wraiths. He then swings into a cave and discovers the home base of the creatures. Once he’s done that, he runs outside and seals the cave with a blast from the Sword of Omens.

A rock creature wakes up at the bottom of the mountain, and I suddenly get the sense that somehow the Wraiths were keeping it in check. And I’m right, because Arnel reveals that the rock creature’s natural enemy was the Wraiths. Apparently the loud buzzing the Wraiths made kept the creature subdued; now that Lion-O put the kibosh on that, the creature is awake and attacking the Elephant Village. Lion-O gets yet another lecture about harmony, and yeah that’s this episode’s theme if you didn’t get it already.

So of course Lion-O and the rest of the team go up against the rock creature. They knock it down once, but it gets back up and uses the tree on its head to manipulate the ground into forming a cage around the ThunderCats.

The rock man starts eating the village, and when Wilykit asks what to do she gets “Let the answer come to you.” She takes a look down at her instrument and begins to play. The Elephants soon join in, and before you know it, their perfect musical harmony has shattered the creature to bits! And harmony wins the day, hooray!

At the end of the episode, Lion-O tries sight beyond sight one more time now that he’s learned his lesson about looking at the bigger picture. He realizes that the stone is in the hut Snarf found earlier. You remember that one where the three Elephants went in and didn’t come out? Yeah that hut.

Except it’s not there, so they now have to go to a forest and see if that place enhances the power of the sword. And, oh yeah, the Elephants don’t remember where the forest is. Hmm … I wonder where we’re going next week?

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