A couple find a house and break in. They go through the house looking for something to steal. When they reach the kitchen, they turn on the lights and realize the opulence of the home they broke into. They go through the house eating the owner’s food, drinking their wine and playing dress up with their clothes.  They run upstairs playing catch me if you can and go room to room when finally in the last room they enjoy each other on one of the beds.

All of A sudden a car stops in the driveway. The two intruders frantically try to escape. The blond female intruder was able to jump down from the second floor balcony, and as her companion was about to join her, he is forcibly pulled back. Sounds of a struggle are heard and shadows on the bedroom ceiling confirm that a fight is occurring. The female intruder runs away in fear and manages to get away in a truck.

This week’s episode picks up where last week’s left off (if you missed the first episode, here’s the ‘Grimm: Pilot’ recap). Nick is in an examination room after the confrontation with the female who tried to kill his aunt. The doctor tells him that they found traces of a neurotoxin in his blood usually associated with spider bites and he was lucky it was only a slight amount in his system. If it was at a higher concentration it would have paralyzed his lungs.

Back at the precinct they go over the hospital tapes so Nick can identify his attacker. Unfortunately, her back was to the camera and they are unable to see her face. As Hank questions Nick who would want to kill his Aunt, a police officer comes in and tells the pair that a DUI driver was picked up on the highway and is reporting her boyfriend was attacked. They both look at her and Hank asks Nick what his assessment of her was. Nick uses his unique profiling skills and tells Hank she grew up way too fast, comes from a single parent (if she has any), takes way too many chances and looks for excitement in all the wrong places.

We see that it is the same golden haired girl who broke into the house and learn her name is Gilda. She takes them to the home where her boyfriend was being assaulted and they see a police car as they drive up. The reporting officer tells them that the owners (Mr. and Mrs. Rabe) called because when they came home from Seattle, they found their house broken into. They reported the refrigerator was raided as well as the liquor cabinet and someone “test drove” a couple of beds. No signs of violence were found. The owners are questioned and as Nick investigates, he notices scratches on the wall. With no obvious signs of a confrontation, the detectives leave the house.

Aunt Marie calls Nick to come see her. She gives him more information about who he is and about his ancestry. She also tells him that the people who are trying to kill her are called “Reapers”, a secret organization dedicated to killing Grimms. Nick is shocked that there are more like them, but Aunt Marie tells him that she is not in contact with them. She implores him to keep the trailer safe and away from “Reapers.” Just as she is about to say more, her heart begins to give out. The nurse tells Nick to come back later.

As there still is no sign of Rocky, the detectives decide to visit the Rabe home, this time with pictures of the two intruders. As they drive up to the house, they meet the Rabe’s three sons and asks them if they’ve seen the couple. One of the sons’ (Barry) face changes as he tells him he didn’t return to the house until after his parents arrived. The change catches Nick off guard and Mr. Rabe notices.

Meanwhile, the Reapers are planning another way to keep Marie quiet. They don’t want her to tell Nick any more than she already has and Adelind (the female Reaper who failed at the hospital) is told to find actual people to get to her instead of another Reaper. He arranges to remove the police protective detail around Aunt Marie to leave her vulnerable.

After waking up from a nightmare, Nick decides to go into the trailer and opens up the arsenal cabinet. As he looks around he finds a bear claw relic similar to the one the Rabe’s had in their home. Concerned, Nick goes over to Munroe’s house interrupting him during his Pilates work out (he is, after all, a reformed Blutbad). He shows Munroe the claw and is told that it is from a Yagerbar. Munroe tells him that the claw is used in a ritual similar to a bah mitzvah for bears and involves a human hunt at sunset.  As an additional favor, Nick also asks Munroe to keep watch over his Aunt.

Gilda is determined to find Rocky and confronts Mrs. Rabe at her house. As she points a gun at the mom demanding to know where Rocky is, Gilda is blindsided to the ground by a hairy beast and a back hand to the face knocks her unconscious. Mrs. Rabe is proud of her son for protecting her and tells him hunting two is better than one and that he would make his ancestors proud.

Belatedly, Hank and Nick rush to the Rabe’s home to warn them about Gilda. Mrs. Rabe states that everything is fine so Hank offers to go back down the road to block it so that Gilda can’t come close. When Hank is gone, Nick confronts the couple. He tells them he knows what they are and knows about the hunt. Mr.Rabe doesn’t know what he is talking about and tells Nick that nobody does the hunt anymore. Nick tells him that his boys’ lives will be over if they murder Rocky while performing the ritual. Mr. Rabe then realizes Mrs. Rabe had set up the hunt for her boys and agrees to help Nick stop them.

Mr. Rabe and Nick look for the boys and find the empty cave where Rocky was being held. Mr. Rabe tells Nick they are too late. The hunt has begun. Meanwhile, Gilda and Rocky run for their lives as the Rabe Yagerbars chase after them. Nick finds the couple and runs interference. He shoots off a warning shot to make them stop in their tracks. As Barry menacingly approaches Nick, Mr. Rabe halts him and tells them that the hunt is over. Behind Nick, a bear is running towards him. Barry yells for his mom to stop and the bear falls into a spear pit the boys built and is impaled.

As the ambulance and cops come to clean up the scene, Barry apologizes to his mom for what happened but she tells him he did nothing wrong. He has to respect his ancestors. Mr. Rabe tells his wife, “Not like this.” The boys are arrested for kidnapping and attempted murder and Gilda and Rocky are arrested for breaking and entering. Mr. Rabe tries to explain to Nick why Mrs. Rabe insisted on a hunt. “She wanted them to know their heritage…It’s not easy to give up your history.”

Meanwhile, Munroe, angry at having to protect a Grimm, tells Marie that her people killed his grandfather and if his parents saw him now not taking advantage of the opportunity to avenge his grandfather, they would disown him. Marie tells him to take his best shot. Just as he is about to say something, a man walks up and sees Munroe and guiltily walks away. Munroe follows him and in the basement he is attacked. Unable to control himself, Munroe turns into his true Blutbad self and overcomes the two guys sent to kill Marie. Unfortunately for one of them, he went a little too far.

Munroe calls Nick and tells him that he prevented an attempt on Marie’s life but he needs to get to the hospital as he can’t stay there any longer and he’s not sure he got everyone. As Nick rushes to Marie’s side, a man dressed as a priest walks into Marie’s room with a scalpel in his hand. Just as he is about to slit her throat, she opens her eyes and a struggle ensues. With immense strength, Marie was able to kill the man with the scalpel just in time to have Nick catch her as she collapses from the exhaustion of the fight. As he holds her in his arms, she whispers in his ear, “Don’t forget who you are. Trust your instincts and nothing else,” and dies.

At her grave site, Nick says his final goodbye not realizing he is being closely watched.

This episode of Grimm was an obvious retelling of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. In the original fairy tale, Goldilocks gets away after her break in but here, the bears are the victims and Goldilocks (aka Gilda) gets to go to jail. The added element of the Rabe’s carnal heritage was meant to be a metaphor but the delivery was a little lacking. This episode was meant to show that you can’t lump all fairy tale creatures as evil, as there are some good ones (Munroe and Mr. Rabe for example).  There are reasons why some creatures are motivated to do what they do (good or bad) while others have no problems assimilating. Yes, I get that it is hard to adapt to a new culture and giving up what that new culture may see as barbaric…even for a fairy tale creature living in the “real” world.

Overall, the episode was entertaining though not as suspenseful as I was anticipating. I enjoy learning more about the Grimms and  am hoping there will be more scenes with Munroe as the series progresses since he adds a light hearted element to each episode. Next week, more questions about Nick’s heritage will be answered.  So what did you think of last night’s episode?