With genre film spots dominating Super Bowl XLV’s ads on Sunday, several car companies are also getting in on the trend.

Both Volkswagen and Kia will feature sci-fi related ads during the Super Bowl as well as a new Chevy ad.

A diminutive Darth Vader will be featured in an ad for Volkswagen’s new 2012 model Passat. Let’s hope George Lucas is on board for this considering the little Sith Lord rarely does endorsements or time travel for that matter (2012?).

Next Kia is rolling out their new 2011 Optima in the 60-second spot, “One Epic Ride”. The commercial features the new vehicle travelling through time and space and will include a giveaway at the OneEpicRide.com website where five people will win a 2011 Optima.

Chevy is also getting in on the sci-fi action with a new campaign that features the Transformers’ “Bumblebee” and a new slogan.


Check out the Chevy commercial here: