Rafe Spall has been hitting the press circuit lately promoting his new movie ‘Anonymous’ but that doesn’t mean he can’t answer questions about his top secret Ridley Scott film ‘Prometheus.’

Ever since it was announced that Scott would be directing ‘Prometheus’, rumors abound as to whether or not the film would be a prequel to ‘Alien.’ Scott even teased fans by saying that they “may recognize strands of ‘Alien’ DNA in it.” And when the official synopsis came out, it led many to believe (me included) that ‘Prometheus’ had nothing to do with the Sigourney Weaver movie.

Even casting notices for the movie just added to more speculations. The British casting website CastingCall Pro sent out a notice looking for 2 actors to play ‘Engineer’ and ‘Elder Engineer’. At one point, there were rumors that Scott was looking for a tall athletic person to play the ‘Engineer’ character, which would be modified entirely in CGI. Some fans believed that the character was going to be a Space Jockey similar to one that was first seen in the original ‘Alien’ movie.  The two actors who got the roles are actually stuntmen so the speculation continues.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Spall spoke about the intense secrecy Scott enforced during filming.

“It was so top secret. There were security guards on set. Ridley doesn’t want people to find out about it. One thing you learn in life is you don’t mess with Ridley! Cuz, he’s amazing, an incredible director and perhaps one of the great, living genuine film auteurs in history.”

Of the movie itself, Spall adds, “Fans of the genre won’t be disappointed, and people who have never seen the Alien film won’t be disappointed. I think it’s going to be brilliant.

Although he hasn’t seen anything that has been filmed yet, he is excited to see the final project:

“Yeah, I’d be excited to go and see it even if I wasn’t in it. Perhaps more excited to go and see it if I wasn’t in it. Because ‘Alien’ is not just one of the best sci-fi films, it’s one of the best films ever isn’t it? It felt like being part of movie history, dare I say.”

Below is the video of the segment:

Although not much was said in that interview about ‘Prometheus’, it’s his interview on the BBC2 morning show ‘Something for the Weekend’ that raises some eyebrows. Here’s the conversation when Spall was asked about the movie:

“You’re doing another film that I’m really excited about…Prometh…how do you say it?”

Spall: “Prometheus”

“Prometheus…which is the new Ridley Scott one…”

Spall: “Yeah”

“Which is a prequel to ‘Aliens’…”

Spall: “Yeah”

Interviewer corrects himself. “Alien… which is the first one he directed…”

Spall: “Yeah…he directed the first one…”


Whoa!!! Back up!!! Did Spall just confirm something he wasn’t supposed to without realizing it? He goes on to say:

“[Ridley Scott] directed the first one, and this is… I’ve been sent an e-mail about what I’m allowed to say and what I’m not allowed to say and I haven’t read the e-mail. (laughs).It’s out next June, and it is part of the Alien franchise. I know that.  I’m in it. I know that. .And Charlize Theron is in it, Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender. And I think fans of the franchise will love it. Alien is one of the best films ever made, and it’s a real buzz to be in a space suit on an ‘Alien’ set with Ridley Scott coming and speaking to you. It’s incredible. That’s why I wanted to be an actor, to be in a space suit on an ‘Alien’ set.”

Spall continues with the interview about how Scott doesn’t even show dailies:

“I’ve seen nothing. Really, they keep it all under closed wraps. They keep it all tight and don’t let anyone see anything… There’s a few bits and pieces, but they want to keep it secret. They’re very protective of it.”

So did he confirm ‘Prometheus’ is a sequel or not? Do you sense a little back pedaling?  You can decide for yourself as the video of his appearance on the show is below. The discussion about ‘Prometheus’ starts at the 6:45 mark. What’s your conclusion?

(video courtesay of Alien Prequel News)