YouTube user gharethsh recently introduced his daughter to the original ‘Voltron’ series on Netflix streaming. After she became obsessed with the show, she decided that she actually wanted to be Voltron for Halloween. Not one of the pilots mind you… but the actual friggin’ robot! Rather than tell her it was an impossible request, her dad proved himself to be one of the coolest guys in existence by starting work on a three-dimensional fully functional costume of lion Voltron (you know… the better one). I don’t know if this guy is an engineer or just amazingly talented, but the end result of his two month project is simply stunning!

As a fan of cosplay and an even bigger fan of Halloween, this is my favorite season of the entire year. Each year, I love seeing the kids come out in their homemade costumes and keep a secret stash of extra candy for the awesome ones. That said, if the kid in this video showed up on my doorstep, I’d dump my entire bowl of candy in her bag and tell everyone else to go home since she’d officially won Halloween.