Good news, ‘Walking Dead’ fans! AMC has officially picked up a third season of their wildly successful zombie drama. Season two opened with the strongest ratings of any basic cable premiere, clocking in an astounding 7.3 million viewers. So it seems like a bit of a no-brainer (which is good against zombies) that it would get a third season.

As a fan of the comics, I’ve spent a lot of time speculating about how far Rick and company will get this season. Now that speculation can expand into a third season. Having reached the Greene Farm in only the second episode of Season 2, does that mean that the prison is too far behind? Will they get to Woodbury? Will they meet the tyrannical Governor? And where will the story diverge from what we’ve seen in the comics? We’ve still got eleven episodes left in this season, and now we have a third to look forward to. This is a happy day for fans everywhere.