Variety reported yesterday that all DVD and Blu-ray editions of the ‘Harry Potter’ films are to be pulled from retail shelves beginning on December 29th of this year. Yes… that means all eight films, including the recently released ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2’. Warner Brothers is releasing a complete collection of the ‘Harry Potter’ films on a special Blu-ray set on November 11th but even that one is being pulled on December 29th, so grab it fast if you want it.

There’s no word on the reasoning behind this move yet. All that is known is that the pull does not include digital, electronic sell-through, or video-on-demand versions of the films. The ‘Harry Potter’ franchise has earned $12.1 billion for Warner Brothers and I expect that this move is just another money grab on the part of WB. I expect that they’ll pull a Disney and release the films from the “vault” on limited engagements. That move annoys me to no end when Disney does it. Luckily, I already have all the ‘Harry Potter’ films so WB’s tactics aren’t causing me any pain but, if you want the films, you need to get them by the end of the year before they’re gone for who knows how long.