This past June’s mid-season finale of ‘Doctor Who’ was one of the best sci-fi cliff-hangers since ‘Empire Strikes Back’. River Song, the mysterious future wife of the Doctor, revealed her greatest secrets to the Doctor and his companions. Meanwhile, alien mastermind Madame Kovarian kidnapped Melody Pond, the newborn baby of the Doctor’s companions Amy and Rory. As the story closed, the screen faded to black and the words “The Doctor will return in… Let’s Kill Hitler” appeared.

Since that reveal, fan speculation has been at a fever state. Things haven’t been helped much as ‘Doctor Who’ scribe Steven Moffat and his crew at the BBC have proven themselves masters of the tease. As the mid-season premiere approaches, the BBC has released a series of teaser trailers and clips that have created more questions than they have answered. The first couple of teasers included scenes of a pterodactyl, an American flag emblazoned on an Egyptian pyramid, and Rory punching Hitler. The next teaser, revealed at this past Summer’s San Diego Comic-Con showed a scene in which it appears as if Adolph Hitler is thanking the Doctor for saving his life. This sparked more controversy as some fans were outraged that the Doctor would have any hand in saving one of the most notorious war criminals in history.

Now, the BBC has released a special prequel for the ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ episode. As fans have come to expect from these teasers, it answers no questions but only provides us with more. Why is the Doctor not answering his phone? Where are Amy and Rory? What is the fate of Melody Pond?

Hopefully some of these questions will be answered when ‘Doctor Who’ returns to BBC America on Saturday, August 27.

And in case you missed them, here are the first two teaser trailers…