Last time we reported on the news about Warner Bros. making a ‘Twilight Zone’ movie, they were in the process of choosing a director for the film and had Christopher Nolan at the top of their list. Now in an exclusive, Deadline is reporting that they have approached ‘Cloverfield’ director Matt Reeves in hopes that he will take on the task.

Negotiations on this deal are to start this week with the hopes that Reeves decides to sign on.  If he does, the studio hopes to start production by next summer. This may be a daunting task as Reeves is already committed to several other projects. He recently signed on to develop and direct ‘This Dark  Endeavor’ which is based on Kenneth Oppel’s novel of a young Victor Frankenstein’s quest to find ingredients of a supernatural elixir to save his brother, as well as direct a movie version of the Justin Cronin vampire novel ‘The Passage.’ Also in development is ‘8 O’Clock in the Morning’ which Reeves is said to have a deal with Universal Studios to write and direct this movie which is based on the Ray Nelson short story of a man who awakens with the realization that aliens are all over the place controlling society. Needless to say, on these credentials alone, Reeves seems to be to a good choice to direct as he seems drawn towards the sci-fi genre.

‘The Twilight Zone’ is being produced by Appian Way partners Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Davisson Killoran, and Michael Ireland who have also produced  the movies ‘Shutter Island’ and ‘Red Riding Hood.’ Jason Rothenberg is said to have already written a script that is different than the 1983 film that featured four independent segments in one movie. Although based on the classic Rod Serling series, this ‘The Twilight Zone’ is said to be one big sci-fi film with a single freestanding story that will share the same familiarly eerie feel of the original.

Whether or not a single storyline type of film for ‘The Twilight Zone’ movie will work is still up in the air but if Reeves decides to direct then the production is off to a good start. Would you see ‘The Twilight Zone’ if it was just a 90 minute story?