Angel Punk follows the adventures of Mara Layil

The ‘Angel Punk’ saga follows Mara Layil on a journey of discovery as she’s thrust into a millennia-old struggle between supernatural dynasties. This hidden world of ancient wonders and dark secrets forces the orphaned teen to accept her own power and confront her family’s mysterious past. Angel Punk is written by Devon Lyon and Kevin Curry, art by Val Mayerik (the co-creator of Howard the Duck) with lettering by industry legend Tom Orzechowski.

In this all new #1 issue of ‘Angel Punk’, Mara Layil is killing a man on the very first page. The man Sinioch who, like Mara, is a member of the Covenant, the decedents of  the 12 Angels who gave up immortality to live on Earth (you can find their story here in our review of Angel Punk #1/2).

Issue 1 tells the story of Mara after killing Sinioch, it takes her across the world as she is recently turned. Being “turned” is when the members of the Covenant first develop some supernatural powers. Mara’s powers appear to be tied to some pretty bad ass gauntlets.

If being newly turned wasn’t bad enough, Mara is also being hunted and marked for death because she killed another Covenant member, who just so happened to have killed her brother and possibly her parents. All this plus she has to go stand “trial”, if she sticks around long enough.

I really liked this first issue. It’s hard to create a new intellectual property so, when it is done well, it is very exciting. Val Mayerik’s artwork is haunting, his characters’ faces and expressions are stark and harsh and he does a great job conveying a dark and supernatural world filled with danger and mystery. To go along with Mayerik’s amazing art the writing team of Devon Lyon and Kevin Curry walk the fine line of introducing a new world while setting up the epicness of the over arching story about angels, secret societies, magic, fighting, and killing since the beginning of time.

If there is any issue with this #1, it may be that it will require readers to track down Angel Punk #0 and Angel Punk #1/2 to fully grasp the epicness of the story. That is not necessarily a horrible problem to have because both of the genesis issues of this all new supernatural tale do a great job at setting the scope and backstory for this epic adventure.

If you a looking for something new to add to your monthly pull-list ‘Angel Punk’ is a worthy addition for sure. If you want to know more or how to find the #0 or #1/2 issues head on over to to find all the info you need on how to get onboard with the Angel Punk Universe.

Verdict: Buy

Angel Punk #1
Written by: Devon Lyon and Kevin Curry
Art by: Val Mayerik
Lettering by: Tom Orzechowski