Have you always been curious about the Star Wars comics but missed your chance to get in on the ground level?  Or do you own all 134 issues and you’re looking for more breathing room in your longboxes?  Dark Horse Comics is answering your Jedi prayers this Black Friday!  In their online shop, you can purchase all of the Dark Horse Star Wars single-issue comics (134 of them) for just $100, which takes them from an average of $1.99 each to just $0.75!  Overall you’re saving just over $166!  The deal-seeker in me wants to buy 3 sets because it’s such a deal!  I won’t though, because that’s the first step to being on an episode of Electronic Hoarders.

Have you ever been to a store on Black Friday (or perhaps “Dark Side” Friday?) Stores offering insane deals that turn your normal, friendly neighbors into savings-hungry lunatics that leave the aisles gutted like the “milk, eggs, and bread” aisles the night before a snowstorm.  You don’t want this, gentle readers.  Do you know the toy-punching fury inspired by watching a lady grab the very item you were scavenging for?  She might not even have wanted it, but she knew you did, and so she snatched it up as something of value.  Don’t submit yourself to it!  Stay in your jammies, get your Black Friday sales satisfaction online, and then go get some turkey leftovers.  I mean, it only comes around once a year, so enjoy it!

This Star Wars Black Friday deal is only good for 24 hours, beginning at midnight PST on November 25th.  Dark Horse Digital can be purchased as an app on iTunes, or you can visit the site at digital.darkhorse.com.