Real-life superhero Phoenix Jones

As reported by and, real-life superhero Phoenix Jones was arrested by Seattle police early Sunday morning. The superhero was charged with assault after breaking up what he thought to be a group of people kicking a man on the ground. After breaking up the group, Jones has someone call 911 and continues to monitor the situation. The police have charged Jones with assault because of his use of pepper spray on the group of men and women. The group counters that they were “merely dancing and having a good time” and did not deserve to be attacked.

Phoenix Jones released a video recorded by Ryan McNamee. The footage is thirteen minutes long, shaky, and contains adult language. The video starts with Jones and his sidekick Ghost rushing toward the group. Jones comes back, and he is holding his canister of pepper spray. A woman, from the group, runs up to him and beats him with her heels. Jones, who wears body armor, instructs his companions to protect themselves and move to a safer location. The group moves from the street to the parking lot. Jones witnesses a man almost hit by a BMW; the superhero chases the car and gets the license plate number. McNamee tries to call 911, but the group will not leave Jones and his companions alone. Two men run toward Jones and appear to try to attack him. Jones uses pepper spray again. The group throws rocks at Jones and his companions. Eventually, McNamee has a chance to call 911, and when the police arrive Phoenix Jones is arrested and charged with assault.

Phoenix Jones based the design of his body armor on Nightwing, one of his favorite comic book characters.

Phoenix Jones is not an unknown entity to the police. Patrolling the streets since about April 2010 because someone close to him was a victim of a crime, Jones claims to only engage in situations when he honestly thinks someone is in danger. He wears body armor and carries a Taser, tear gas, and pepper spray. He says that he has been shot, stabbed twice, and has gotten his nose broken. He understands the risks involved, but he believes people should feel safe to walk the streets of Seattle. Jones, the leader of the Rain City Superhero Movement, has been in the news before. Back in January, he stopped a car theft. He hasn’t had any problems with Seattle police until now. Although the police took his armor, Jones says that he has another suit and vows to continue the fight.

Many in Seattle are upset about the arrest of their local superhero, saying that Phoenix Jones has helped their city. What’s interesting to me is that Jones could have easily run away and not called the police. He had his own people call the police. Jones stands by his actions and his belief that he was helping someone in need. In these tough times, having a hero on our side could be what many of us need.

Here’s a video of the incident below.