Could An Animated Deadpool Series Still Happen?

A ‘Deadpool‘ animated series almost happened thanks to Donald Glover but Marvel and FX ended up killing the project. Now, character co-creator Rob Liefeld has said that not all hope has been lost. While being vague on the issue and any kind of a timeline, he has shared that something might still be in the works to bring The Merc With The Mouth to life in animated form.

Liefeld stressed that he has “no inside information” but a Marvel executive did say, “Don’t worry, Robert, we’re going to give you a Deadpool cartoon.” So, while not having inside information, someone on the inside has apparently told him that a new animated Deadpool adventure was coming. Of course, we all thought Glover’s take on the character was going to happen so I’m not sure if I’d hold my breath on this one.

To further complicate things, unless the original plan to air the cartoon on FX were to happen, once Disney owns the station it seems unlikely that an adult-oriented version would be in the works as most of Disney’s current channels as well as Disney+ are for family friendly content. Fox has been known to show more mature content with FX pushing the boundaries which would make them or perhaps even the streaming service Hulu potential candidates for such a series. Rumors have had Marvel being the ones to cancel the series and the reason why was never actually revealed.

With Glover out of the picture at this point, who would you like to see create a new animated ‘Deadpool’ series? Which venue do you think Marvel TV would end up wanting to release it through? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!

Source: Nerdist