Ruben Fleischer Shares Why He Didn't Return For The 'Venom' Sequel

We already know that director Ruben Fleischer isn’t returning for the ‘Venom‘ sequel and Sony Pictures has tapped Andy Serkis to replace him, and now we know why that is. The first movie made over $850 million at the box office and clearly has a fanbase in place. It seems a little surprising that a director wouldn’t return for the sophomore release of such a box office hit.

However, the reason why is straight forward and makes a lot of sense. It also has nothing to do with many critics and fans thinking that the movie was:



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No, it has everything to do with the current release of ‘Zombieland: Double Tap’:

“I was busy getting this movie done. I think they’re already shooting that film. And I just finished this a couple weeks ago. So the schedule didn’t allow it.

I think they’re trying to get that movie out for next fall. Two years from the original release. I basically went from finishing Venom. I had a week off with my family. And then went straight into prep on Zombieland 2. So I’ve been making a movie for the past two and a half years with hardly a break. So I definitely wanted to get this one finished and make it the greatest I could. And then I’ll probably take a little breather for myself.”

Everyone deserves a vacation, so the love or hate of the first ‘Venom’ from fans and critics had nothing to do with Fleischer’s thoughts on returning. With how well it did financially, I’m sure that was the last thing on his mind.

Do you wish that Ruben Fleischer was returning for the ‘Venom’ sequel or are you glad someone else is taking over the franchise? Was the first movie “like a turd in the wind” or did you love everything about it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Cinema Blend