A trucker is parked at a diner and hears a radio report about a family discovering the remains of a murdered dental hygienist, Malia McClintock, whose death is related to a half dozen others in the area. The trucker sees the man with the rose tattoo said to be th suspected killer and arms himself for pursuit. He follows the man into a shed, and hears the frightening sound of growling and winds up being thrown from the shed. Audrey and Nathan arrive and are told by the trucker that whatever it was had superhuman strength. Dwight goes to work as Haven’s own “cleaner” and convinces the man that a bear was to blame.

Nathan has identified the boy as Rory Campbell. They follow the blood trail into the edge of the woods and find a wristband stamped “Forever.” Audrey confides in Nathan that there seems to be no one they can trust to conduct the search, other than themselves. Having said this, Dwight joins the search much against Nathan’s wishes – “you’re a bullet magnet Dwight.” Nathan says, “You’re vest barely protected you last time.”

Rory’s Father joins the search as well, being a former Marine, there was not much of a chance to keep him out of it. Audrey decides that calling Duke might be a good idea, and is met with odd resistance and even anger?

Nathan and Audrey end up calling in Dave and Vince, who seem to be well informed woodsmen. As the search party splits up to cover more ground, Vince goes with Dwight and asks if he has visited Lizzie. Dwight says he’s there to help find Rory, but Vince says he’s tempting fate. As Dwight says Lizzie would have been nine, they hear a screeching noise.

Dave suggests that they’re dealing with a Wendigo. Over Vince’s objections, Dave explains that the area used to be the Wendigo’s hunting ground. Dwight confirms that whatever tore the killer apart had human teeth. The Wendigo is a mythical creature appearing in the mythology of the Algonquian people. It is a malevolent, cannibalistic spirit which can transform into humans, or could possess humans. Those who indulged in cannibalism were at particular risk.

While Nathan is searching the woods, he comes face to face, or rather, barrel to barrel, with… Duke. It becomes evident that Duke has chosen a side, albeit the wrong one. The Rev and his men also draw on Nathan, until Audrey steps up and takes aim with her sidearm – everyone knows she could take out two to three men before they could even take aim on her, and the stand off is temporarily stalemated.

The search continues, with the added number from the Rev and his mindless followers. Nathan and Audrey find a girls sweater and realize that there are more than one Wendigo. Rory runs out of the woods and admits that it was he who had killed the suspect. Before he can explain, one of Driscoll’s hunters runs out of the woods and says that something bit him on his leg. Rory runs off into the woods and Nathan figures that the Wendigos are after them, and not Rory.

Nathan leads her to two small girls, Frankie and Sophie, who explain that they can survive on most live flesh even if they hunger mostly for human flesh. Their parents went down in a plane several months ago, apparently triggering their affliction. They explain that Amelia, their middle sister, was dating Rory and Nathan figures that Rory may have lured the serial killer into the woods so that Amelia could eat him. Sophie moans in pain and Frankie explains that they suffer when they don’t eat.

Nathan and his group head for the Rangers station, where they believe Amelia and Rory will go to hide. Rory attacks the Rev and ties him to a tree for Amelia to feast upon – which may have become one of my favorite moments in Haven history had it not been for yet another further on in this episode! Which reminds me that I should issue an official {spoiler alert} at this point, so read at your own risk!

Dwight, missing his beloved daughter immensely, carries the youngest sister out of the woods in order to get help for her, and is beset by a large bear trap. Sophie convinces him to carry on, and the abnormally large man literally pulls the pole out of the ground that is chained to the trap. He then continues to carry Sophie out of the woods, dragging the vicious trap with him!

Amelia, stronger than she even realized, releases the Rev who then attacks with every intention of killing the young girl. As Nathan, Audrey, and Frankie arrive to see the Rev, wielding a knife over Amelia, shout orders for him to stand down. The Rev, of course, raises his knife hand, which causes Audrey to blast him in the chest, killing him. And it’s about bloody time too!

Duke comes over to see Audrey, who says she’ll have to explain why she didn’t aim for Driscoll’s legs. He asks the same question and points out that he was close to getting the answers he needed.

This was a very intense episode, and as I surmised from the very start, Duke’s intentions were to win the Rev’s trust in order to learn more about his father. The highlight, of course, is the death of the Rev, Haven’s biggest “Trouble.” If you missed last week’s episode you can read our ‘Haven: Lockdown recap‘ to catch up.