DC Universe Deathstroke Titans

For all of the talk on greater inclusion in Hollywood, DC Universe is putting their money where their mouth is and is seeking out a deaf actor to play Deathstroke‘s son. This ‘Titans‘ Season 2 casting news came from a call on Facebook of all places and showed that the company is dedicated to bringing accuracy to the shows and is looking to cast a deaf actor for a character who will be deaf in the series.

If you’re unfamiliar with Deathstroke’s son, his name is Joseph William Wilson though he goes by the name Jericho. The character is the child of Slade Wilson and Adeline Kane Wilson. When Deathstroke is hired to kill the Teen Titans in the Judas Contract story arc, he teams up with Robin to save the rest of the team. From there we see him eventually become a member of the Titans and has a relationship with Raven.

With his introduction to the show, it could indicate that the Judas Contract story arc is coming or that he’ll somehow be involved in working with the team to take out Trigon. The actor which they’re looking for is Asian or Latino, 21-24 years old, and is either deaf or has a hearing disability.

You can see the official request that was shared on Facebook right here:

While they don’t spell out that the character is Jericho, he fits the description:

As a young boy, Max was a kind-hearted soul who never measured up to the expectations of his domineering military father. Bullied by his peers, he retreated even further inward. He’s a misfit who’s always longed for acceptance and love but never found it, always suffering betrayal by those he dared to believe in most. As a result, he’s grown into a young man who now longs to inflict pain on all those who have caused him pain.

This is so similar to the original character that it seems a stretch it could be anyone outside of Jericho.

What do you think that the inclusion of Deathstroke’s son will mean for the second season of ‘Titans’? Are you happy that DC Universe is willing to include a deaf actor to play the part? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Rochester/Finger Lakes Film Commission Facebook