While the second season of ‘The Punisher’ is still shrouded in mystery, some new casting announcements have hinted that they’ll be adapting “The Slavers” arc next. While the story itself isn’t likely long enough to take up the entire season unless it is interlaced with another, it is one that could help motivate Frank Castle to punish criminals once more. We know that the show is already gearing up to go into production so we’ll likely know more soon, but the signs to this plot are found in the casting notices for two new series regulars!

The first of which will be for Annie Beir who is being described as “an 18-year old female to play a 16-year old on the show” that “is used to the streets and is both scrappy and aware of her environment.”

Next up is Kim Davis and for Kim we see that Marvel TV is looking for an actress that is “in her mid-30s, open ethnicity, to become a series regular working as a therapist.”

While this could still be a completely original tale or based off of another plot, “The Slavers” was an arc by Garth Ennis which ran from 2005 through 2006 that these characters would fit. We know that showrunner Steve Lightfoot loves Ennis’s work and would like to one day use his creation Barracuda on the show. Not only that, but the ideas behind the plot were also hinted at in the first season of ‘Daredevil.’

The way that this could play out is Annie Beir could end up being Viorica in the comics. She’s a young girl that Castle saves, and because of that, he ends up finding a sex slave ring which is run by Vera Konstantin and Cristu Bulat. He, of course, puts an end to it as only The Punisher can. As a social worker was also mentioned, Kim Davis could be the live-action version of Jen Cooke who helps him take care of Viorica as well as find out details on how to find the criminals.

There is another casting announcement which might or might not be related to the above story arc or could see the Punisher Task Force being put together. The studio is also looking for a male in his 30s to play Melvin Skelling who is an “honest detective.” It isn’t clear if this will be a new character or one based on Detective Martin Soap that is initially tasked to stop The Punisher but eventually ends up becoming his informant within the NYPD.

There are any number of detectives which have been featured throughout the various runs of The Punisher comics though, and he could just as easily be another one or just created for the show.

Do you think that we’ll see The Punisher take down The Slavers in the second season on Netflix? Will this be what puts Castle back on course to taking down criminals everywhere? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: That Hashtag Show