ABC Studios just picked up their second project based on the Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘Jekyll and Hyde’. The new project, from producer Mark Gordon (‘Grey’s Anatomy’) and writer Matt Lopez (‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’), is a modern take on the classic tale that may possibly move into science fiction territory. Set in modern day San Francisco, it follows a female psychologist that is drawn towards a mysterious doctor who may be more than he seems. Early information on the project hints that it may also delve into the realms of human cloning.

The sci-fi take on the material sounds intriguing. However, it isn’t set in stone yet. ABC is set on bringing ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ to the screen. So much so that they have two very different pitches in hand at the moment. The first pitch, titled simply ‘Hyde’, is a little less sci-fi. It focuses on a doctor who, in an attempt to cure an eye disease, develops a curious side-effect. When he goes to sleep, his id appears to be able to take full control of his body.

Only one of these projects (or possibly a combination of the two) will make it to air. Either way, I’d be excited to see ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ on the small screen. I’m a huge fan of the original tale, even going so far as to play in a stage production many years ago. What do you think? Do you think a modern adaptation of ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ would make for interesting viewing? Which version would you rather see?