As a long time Sci-Fi Geek, there have been many Television shows that I have loved. Many of the shows I love today are courtesy of the Syfy Channel, and ‘Sanctuary’ is one of them!

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From the beginning, I was hooked – Amanda Tapping brought me in from Stargate SG-1 as the enigmatic Dr. Helen Magnus. Dr. Will Zimmerman, played by Robin Dunne was new to me, but his character very quickly grew on me. Although Magnus’ Daughter Ashley is no longer a part of the show, she had a major role to play in the development of the series.

Christopher Heyerdahl as Druitt was a brilliant addition. I love him to death, but that folks, is one scary bloke. Ryan Robbins is a pleasure to see on screen, his comic relief is well played and shows us how the character development of the whole cast has progressed into nods and expressions that say volumes. I even enjoy “Biggies” role on the show, it may seem a little bit too geeky at times, but I love it all!

Am I a ‘Sanctuary’ fan? Oh, most assuredly. And I am thrilled beyond measure to have spoken to my favorite character from the show, the lovely and talented Agam Darshi! Agam plays the part of Kate Freelander, the beautiful but dangerous Con-Artist working for the Cabal who turned against them to join the Sanctuary at the request of Helen Magnus.

From her first moments on the screen, I was enamored with Kate Freelander. She has exotic beauty, but more importantly, at least for me, she was smart! But Kate is not who we are talking to today… Agam Darshi is. A fan favorite of many, her Science Fiction roots go deep. From her very first role on ‘Renegade Press’ to ‘Supernatural’ to ‘Stargate Atlantis’ to ‘Tru-Calling’ to Roland Emmerich’s blockbuster film ‘2012’, Agam is no stranger to Sci-Fi. She was kind enough to answer some questions for me, so without further ado here is my interview with her:

Bryan: Hello Agam, it is indeed a pleasure to talk to you! Your first episode of Sanctuary was in season two, called End of Nights, Part 1. How did you come to be on the show to begin with?

Agam Darshi: I auditioned for Sanctuary 3 times. The first was with the casting director and the second two auditions were with Amanda, Damian and Martin. They were so lovely. Amanda especially was incredibly supportive in the room. Before the audition she pulled me aside and told me she was rooting for me and to just have fun. So I did. I was thrilled when I got the role.

Bryan: As roles go, are you happy with how Kate Freelander’s character is growing? What do you see in her future at Sanctuary?

Agam Darshi: I am happy with Kate’s story. It’s interesting and honest, and I think there is so much room for growth. She started off sketchy, on guard, and somewhat unlikable. But she’s grown into a real part of the team. She’ll always have her edge, but she cares so deeply for her Sanctuary ‘family’, and they care so much for her. In season 4, I think we’ll see Kate moving further into that direction. I think Kate’s always hid her feminine side and we’ll see her embrace that part of her more and more.

Bryan: Hypothetically speaking, now don’t panic – I’ve not heard anything about this, how would you feel about a Kate Freelander spin-off?

 Agam Darshi: Haha – I’d LOVE it. I really think there are so many avenues to explore. She has such a unique past, and family life that keeps haunting her. Even though she is changing and growing as a person, she still regrets some of her past actions. I think that makes for a great character because she’s flawed and human, but she lives in this abnormal works.

Bryan: We love offering our fans exclusives, is anything happening with Kate on Sanctuary that the general public hasn’t heard yet? I won’t tell a soul, I promise! Haha!

 Agam Darshi: …there is a huge event this season that is going on with Kate, that pushes her to evolve more and more to someone softer. She becomes more of woman this season. ; )

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Bryan: This next question is because I dearly love my Geek Girl fans, and if I don’t ask I’ll truly fear for my life; If Damien Kindler said – We’re giving Kate a love interest… who would be your first choice as suitor?

Agam Darshi: mmm.. that’s hard to say. She has a unique connection with Henry. They’re very close and there is a true friendship there. But her connection to Will is equally interesting. He challenges her mind, in ways she is not used to. But a part of me wonders if Tesla would be a good love interest for her – because no one would see it coming. And he’s a vampire, and that’s sexy. And really, who doesn’t love Tesla?

Bryan: Are you working on any other projects right now? And are there any projects coming up that you would enjoy being part of?

Agam Darshi: I’m finishing up a feature film called Crimes of Mike Reckett, starring Nicholas Lea (X-Files). I play his wife, Jasleen. It’s a dark thriller, very character driven film by award winning director Bruce Sweeney. It’ll be coming out next year. It’s edgy and sexy. I’m proud of it.

Bryan: Can Sanctuary fans look forward to any special guests coming up for the next season?

Agam Darshi: hmmm not sure how much I’m allowed to tell. I can tell that the lovely Pascale Hutton is back, as well as Pauline Egan, both lovely actresses.

Bryan: So when can fans look forward to seeing Kate Freelander and the rest of the cast of ‘Sanctuary’ again?

Agam Darshi: I believe Season 4, will be back in the fall of this year. But we’re all doing conventions over the next few months. I will be in Montreal during Concept 2011 during the 14, 15, and 16 2011. Hope to see lots of Sanctuary fans there!

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We look forward to it Agam! So be sure to tune into the Syfy Channel Friday, Oct.7, 2011 for the much anticipated return of one of Syfy’s best scripted shows, ‘Sanctuary’.

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