A few days ago ‘The Avengers’ production team just left Cleveland to head to New York for a few more days of filming and we now have some shots of what they were doing!

From the pictures below, you can see the remants of what appears to be a crashed Quinjet.  What makes us think it’s a Quinjet? The plans to set up the area were photographed and upon close inspection, you can see it says, “Quinn Jet Door Base Frame”. Although nothing has been seen about the Quinjet during filming, we did see it in one of the movie posters that was revealed at Comic Con last July. It appeared in the background of the poster that  featured The Black Widow. (see above)


(photos courtesy of Misjuevos, Iceman and @Jef_UK)

So although we may not see the action of the Quinjet first hand (like we have with the Batwing), it apparently looks like it will crash in New York. And if the depiction of the craft in the poster art is anything to go buy, this will be one big pile up!

The star studded ‘The Avengers’ movie will be in theaters starting May 4, 2012.