The last time we saw the Batcave was in ‘Batman Begins’. But ever since Wayne Manor was destroyed in a fire caused by Ra’s al Ghul, we haven’t seen much of the superhero’s lair. Now rumor has it that it will reappear in full force in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

Now before you get too excited, this information is being prefaced with “rumor has it” so take it with a grain of salt. However, if what you’ll see is confirmed, then this will be one incredibly awesome sanctuary for our masked bat friend.

According to The Dark Knight Rises Rumors, pictures have been released of the Turda Salt Mines in Romania which may double as the interior of the Batcave. The salt mine looks like it was already set up as part of a movie set but the pictures below are what it looks like every day. The unique lighting surrounding the round consoles as well as the giant elevator shaft gives the mine a futuristic look that would fit in well with the dark personal of Nolan’s film.

As you can see, the massive interior space can easily fit any large Tumbler, Batpod, Batwing and any other equipment that needs to be hidden.

It’s already been confirmed that a smaller scale interior of the Batcave is being built at the Warner Bros.’ studios and that Nolan took a crew to film some exterior shots of what was to be part of the Batcave in Wales earlier. The Brecon Beacons waterfall is said to be part of the exterior to the Batcave.  According to a witness who spoke to Wales Online, “They were there for a couple of days…I understand it’s going to be used in the opening sequence of the film as Batman discovers the Batcave.” The attraction of the waterfall is that tourists are able to walk behind it:

Again, no official word has been given regarding the Turda Salt Mines doubling as the Batcave and our inquires to Warner Bros. have not been answered, but once they are, we’ll let you know! Until then, just think of all the possibilities for this place! So what do you think of the possible new Batcave?